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Company History

E.R. Long Associates Inc is a company that represents manufacturers of specialty building materials used in all different phases of masonry and concrete construction (concrete accessories) in the commercial and residential market. Our products are  provided through a strong distribution network located in Eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland. Our mission is to create a market in which our architects and contractors are educated on the materials we represent, developing a strong pull through of product.   Our Mas-Con division was created to aid in logistics between our manufacturers and distributors.

Originated in 1964 and incorporated in 1982, this business is one that has steadily grown over the years.  The company was founded by Esmond Long, known to most as EZ, after working for Warner Concrete, which is based in Philadelphia and Sika Corporation.

Mas-Con, a division of E.R. Long Associates, was created by EZ Long to move small, pallet quantities of materials to distributors and dealers giving our company the ability to offer logistic selling in the northeast.

Today the company is owned and operated by Steve Long, second generation and son of Esmond.   Educated at Bloomsburg State University, Steve delivered materials for his father in the summer months by van and truck into the building material facilities that we still promote products to today.  Once he began working fulltime in 1982 Steve was fortunate to be educated and trained by companies such as: Sonneborn, Set Products, Cresset Chemical, Keene Building, Prosoco, Prime Resins, Sika, Fosroc, and Bo Metals.

This background has now proved to be extremely valuable in the promotion ofconcreteconcrete accessoriesconcrete repairwaterproofingresidential basement productsmasonry, and building envelope and plaster  (Stucco and veneer stoneveneer accessories.  This expertise pertains to commercial as well as to residential construction.

Today our company is bringing value to manufacturer’s we represent by using a whole new marketing program to get to the end user in our territory.  Using non-traditional marketing directed at contractors, architects, builders and other decision makers in our business; we can effectively build a brand.  This is not only based upon the quality of the products, but also filling needs in the market place by generating architectural specification and using our knowledge of the building codes to our advantage