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Alabama Metals Company
An American manufacturer of Metal and Vinyl products. Used in Stucco, Thin Stone veneer, Concrete, and Interior applications. Ranging from Metal lath, Exterior plaster accessories E-Z bead, weep screed, control joints in metal and vinyl. Stay Form for concrete bulkheads, security mesh for interior walls.

Manufacturers concrete and masonry accessories. Screed joint, joint cap, and zip strips for flat slab construction along with Dovetail anchor slot and PVC waterstops for poured in place concrete.

A manufacturer of basement egress doors. Classic Bilco doors and stakwells provide access to the basement along with security.

A manufacturer of concrete tubes for pouring columns

Manufacturers 727 and 880VOC Form Release agents for the precast and poured in place concrete market.  The ability of 727 form release to not only give a smooth finish, but to also clean forms the more it is used make it an ideal choice for those poured wall contractors who want to save time and labor, and take care of the investment made in their forms.   Both 880 and 727 are architectural release agents that do not transfer onto the concrete after the pour is made.

Empire Blended
Manufacturer of Rainbow colors for addition to mortar and concrete.

E-Z Bead
A patented product manufactured by Alabama Metals Company that is casing bead that is ready to caulk. Used with hardcoat stucco and thin stone veneer systems.

Franklin International
Manufacturers retaining wall adhesives.

Hy-C Company
Manufacturers chimney caps.

Kaufman Products
Has been a leading manufacturer of concrete treatments including concrete sealers, curing compounds, curing & sealing compounds, structural epoxy-resin mortars and grouts, Portland cement non-shrink grouts,  cementitious repair mortars, underlayment’s, self-leveling wear-toppings, hardeners, dustproofers, and epoxy injections, adhesives, coatings, resin overlays, sealers and coatings.)

Keene Building Products
Manufacturers Rainscreen 020-1 for stucco and thin stone veneer systems. The entangled net materials are available in a number of different thicknesses.

Midwest Canvas
Manufacturers winter blankets for keeping concrete and masonry warm.

Manufacturers Plastic control joints and drains used in concrete.

North American Specialties
Manufacturers Form A Drain – a plastic footer and drain system that stays in place. System Platon is a dimpled drain waterproofing that helps complete the system.

One Ton Bags
Woven bags used to transport sand and other aggregates.

Manufacturer of specialty masonry and concrete cleaning materials, water repellents and air barriers.

Quaker Stucco/IPA Systems
A Philadelphia manufacturer of natural stuccos, bonding materials and concrete repair products.

Rebar Support Products
Manufacturer of specialty plastic rebar supports for footers.

Simpson Strong-Tie
Manufacturer of mechanical and chemical anchoring devices.

Manufacturer of polycast drains systems. Polymer modified drains for commercial and residential construction.

Vestal Manufacturing
Manufacturers cast iron dampers, clean out doors, and galvanized wall ties.